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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. union city police made an
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investigation as a woman was taking out the trash, this mysterious thing happened and police have just spoken to the family, good afternoon jeanine. >> reporter: good afternoon. they are gathered where all morning long people are shaking their hands in shock because their loved ones discovered he is now gone. >> amelia gonzalez can't get over how her brother was found. the woman who lives at this home was taking out the trash. when she hoped it, she found mr. perez unconscious. >> she couldn't get him conscious. >> reporter: they recognized
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him, he was a close family friend who stayed at their home from time to time. police say there were no obvious signs of trauma. detectives are tracking down where the garbage can came from. >> whether somebody else was place in the can we just don't know. we are treating it is a serious crime. >> reporter: his family said he suffered from a bone disease and was on disability. they described him as always smiling. >> he was the most kind hearted person. he loved everybody. he was non-judge mental and accepted everyone. >> relatives say alcohol was found in his system but an autopsy will determine an exact cause of death which is expected to be performed tomorrow. police want anybody with
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information to give them a call. reporting live from union city, jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. tara moriarty joins us live with talking with police and the warning for other resident -- residents in the city, good morning tara. >> reporter: police have not found any suspects but they do have leads they are following up on. meanwhile members of the homeless committee are on edge after one of their own was violently killed and so far no witnesses have come forward. police say 24-year-old mckayla had recently become homeless after not taking a -- after dropping out of a drug program. investigators say she was stabbed several times with some
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type of blade edged instrument and she was most likely killed where she was found. >> people who are homeless should stay vigilant and be extra careful and i would make that recommendation at any time. we don't have anything that is pointing to anything but an isolated incident right now. >> now we found some pictures of her on my space. she came here at the beginning of october and left a victory outreach home on october 11 with a man she met and again police have spoken with people and a $25 reward is being offered. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you, tara. four people are arrested.
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police received information 4:30 this morning. on a search of the house they found two high capacity assault rifles as well as a handgun and 10 ounces of marijuana. the four people arrested were all in their teens and 20s and police believe they are all part of a street gang. police want to know if you are too sleepy to drive. they are launching a week long crackdown on drivers and drowsy driving is almost as drain -- rouse as -- dangerous as driving drunk. >> if you are not paying attention on the road you close your eyes you are not paying attention and you can hit other drivers. >> in 2010, drossing driving caused 32 deaths and more than 32,000 injuries. a driver lost control and launched off an east bay freeway and is now under
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arrest. he fell about 25 feet off the overpass on a westbound highway in panola. when investigators arrived they found the suv on its roof blocking two lanes he and the passenger suffered only minor injuries. he showed no signs of alcohol intoxication and was arrested on suspicion of felony drunk driving. the two sides have finally resumed talks. alex savage tells us why there is this increased pressure to sign this by next week. >> reporter: good afternoon, this is a very important time for souper markets. a union spokesperson said they agreed to return to the bargaining table. here is a flier urging shoppers to take their business
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somewhere else. striking workers are discouraging people to shop here. people last week say it seems to have had an impact. >> the place is empty and it has been empty for a while. >> reporter: normally the weeks leading up to this area is a busy time for souper markets and they believe they have agreed to return to the bargaining table. >> there is still enough time to have a successful holiday season. >> reporter: even some who crossed this picket line sounded sympathetic to the workers. >> if we go shopping we will go to trader joes because i really want to help these kids out. >> reporter: 7500 workers have been on strike a week, at
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rallies and nba hill stores with benefit cuts, a major sticking point. the fact that both sides are negotiating certainly gives hope to lori who works here at this nba hill store. >> well we are going in the right direction, so it is a positive thing. >> reporter: everything is staying tight-lipped about the negotiations and nobody will even confirm where the meeting is actually taking place but a union spokesperson said if this latest round of talks were going to break down it would have happened already. live in alameda, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is picket lines in oakland. workers have walked off the job over cuts to pay and longer workdays. they make owe the tess streets
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and other cakes you see in stores. it could the -- the strike could force the company to go out of business. it is a simple act with a lot of meaning. after a chilling night, rosemary will tell you if your neighborhood will warmup today and the scandal at sesame street, why the voice of elmo is facing some serious allegations. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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. investigators are looking into whether a broken furnace is the reason for the gas-x motion -- gas explosion. it shook homes up to three miles away. the owner of a house that exploded said his daughter told him last week the furnace in the home where she lives with her mother had gone out. they had been inspecting gasoline but so far they have detected no leaks. and they are learning about general david petraeus' extramarital affair which reportedly became public. his mistress was senting
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harassing e-mails to another woman. broad well who is a close family friend was a romantic rival. as details emerge, they are asking about who knew what and when and why the committee was not need paid to sooner -- notified sooner. >> this is something that could have affected national security. i think we should have been told. >> reporter: he said it has nothing to do with the deadly attack on libya and some are not convinced and some are calling for general david petraeus to return and testify. the voice of elmo is claiming he had an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy. he insists the allegations are false. in june, the workshop heard from a then 20-year-old man who claimed he was just 16 years old when his relationship began.
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they found no installs of -- instances of wrongdoing and clash has been punished for violating company posse and -- policy and exercising poor judgment. he is not expected to have a significant impact. a car roaded pipe -- car wroted -- car roaded pipe cause problems and they have no plans to increase production. chevron said they will improve equipment and use more corrosion rescind material. they meet industry standards but some are calling for the best technology available to be used. a desperate plea from a woman who as two cars were both equipped for wheelchairs were both stolen and now she hopes
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to get them back. one was a 1995 gold dodge caravan. the license plate number, 1698d p. the other is a "c" rv -- a crv. the woman thinks they left the keys dangling from her honda. both are worth $25,000 in modifications and if you have any information you are asked to call police. a ceremony was raised after falling on tough times. they currently served by the mission to honor men and women of all branches of the military. the flag serves as a beacon of hope and help for those to see from miles around. >> we take a special pride in helping the most vulnerable in our community but there is a
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sense of humility to give back to veterans that have dedicated so much for us. >> reporter: they shelter almost 50 veterans at the bridge to life center. the center is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. we have more veterans day coverage on our website, just go to our website and scroll down to today's top stories. yesterday's 49ers and st. lewis ram games ended in a tie. with time wining down, -- winding down they sent the game into overtime and they missed that 41-yarder that would have won the game and after that, they won the field goal winning stripe. they ended with a score and 49ers played the chicago bears. the big question is will they
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have the quarterback. all level -- alex smith has a concussion and has to go through a noncontact practice and contact practice before he can be cleared to play next monday. warriors are beginning their outreach program and several will be going with families to go 0 on a holiday shopping spree at lucky supermarket. others are helping with toy drives and serve food at homeless shelters. just in the past hour, they received a thanksgiving wind fall a board a tow truck. for the 15th year in a row, they delivered hundreds of turkeys to non-profit groups in the bay area. and aaa personally helps with 60 turkeys. they say it's a good down payment on the 900 turkeys they
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need this year. >> we will do anything we possibly can to make sure that nobody, nobody in the bay area ought to go hungry this year. >> we delivered 10-tons of turkeys to nevada and utah to feed thousands of hungry people on thanksgiving day. there is a lot of snow in this area. look at nyak. more than two feet of know if i will which is open 9 to 9 and northstar is set to open on friday. good afternoon to you, a warming trend is underway and at this hour under blue skies, and 45 degrees good air --
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degrees, good air quality and it's just a nice quiet fall afternoon. in nevada 59 and widespread 50s around the bay. 60 degrees in calistoga. a light breeze, northeast at times and look at satellite radar, ridge of high pressure is bridging up the warm air mass. it is weakening as it moves across the pacific northwest but what it is doing is bringing us into the avenue night hours. it will offset our cooling and we are dealing with mostly clear skies put high clouds and the soft subtle light will help and we will be chilly but again
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not as chilly during recent mornings. february the storm track will be with us and the numbers are up a few degrees over what we felt on sunday. by tomorrow upper 60s and tomorrow 70s and mid-week partly cloudy skies. 62 for nevada low 60s in santa rosa and hayward 63 expected and 63 in livermore. 64 san jose and 63 in sunny veil along the peninsular 63 and 62 in san mateo. we will be cooling off around sunset around 5:00 and the extended forecast shows a warming trend monday tuesday through wednesday, we begin to fall back but it looks like
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there is a possibility of a few scattered showers and it looks like we will old off until wednesday. they are urging everybody to kick the habit. out officials will provide free lung screeningingits and it will be available wednesday and thursday on west san pablo and the pittsburgh and legal talks. tomorrow the president will meet with the legal representatives and on wednesday he will meet with business representatives. he will try and build support for his proposal to avoid
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spending increases and spending cuts and it will take affect at the end of the year if an agreement is not reached. late tonight construction work starts on the cal train tracks. they will elevating the tracks in san bruno but it also creates a new elevated station to replace the street level station in sylvan avenue. call train said service will not be interrupted. the and san is cisco report says concrete was taken to the eastern span. the new span is scheduled to on by the end of next year.
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coming up, we will tell you what is happening overseas that is making investors on wall street feel a little better. and we will tell you what movie is number one at the box office. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. the stocks are mixed in light trading today after last week's big sellout and there is
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still concern about the potential big battle. the dow jones industrial average is up and the nasdaq is up slightly and the s&p 500 is flat. lawmakers in greece have approved an austerity measure after deep spending cuts nearly passed parliament. they will discuss whether greece has met conditions for bailout funds that have been blocked since june. they say the country could run out of money by the end of the week unless the funds are released. double 07 number one at the box office, it had a record for a james bond movie.
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and flight or go and taken two rounded out the top five. and today an uneventful fire season comes to an end for most of the bay area. did we dodge a bullet or is it just delayed until next year. we will hear what the experts are saying. thanks for joining us and we are here always for you on mobile and
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